Fashion Then and Now (1990s and 2000s)

The world of fashion is fast moving, and the last 20 years has seen some huge changes in what we think of as fashionable.

Fashion in the early 1990s involved bright, neon colours, often accompanied by leggings or drainpipe jeans. Whilst seeing somebody out in the street wearing neon clothing is now a rarity, leggings and drainpipe jeans have very much come back into fashion, however these days are much more likely to be accompanied by a dress or tunic with a pair of pumps or Ugg boots than they are a baggy t-shirt and slouch socks as was the trend in the 1990s.

Progressing into the mid-1990s, denim shortalls, a type of dungarees with shorts rather than trousers were very popular, as were 1960s style lace blouses and floral skirts and dresses. As with anything neon coloured, these are an unusual sight on both the high street and the catwalk in recent years, however thanks to Kate Middleton and her wedding dress, lace is very much making a comeback.

The late 1990s saw the beginning of the Cool Britannia movement, where the Union Flag could be found on almost any kind of clothing. With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and London 2012 Olympics, this is something that is again appearing all over the high street. Accessories such as wellies and flip flops which soared to new levels of popularity in the late 1990s are still very much fashionable today, especially amongst the country’s youth.

Wearing sports clothing on the street is something that became increasingly popular during the 1990s, and remained so throughout the 2000s through to today. These days however it is more likely to be a polo shirt or hoody with a pair of jeans than a matching trousers and jacket combo that had been previously popular.

The 2000s are thought of by many as the decade of recycled fashion. Much of what was popular in the late 1990s remained fashionable throughout much of the 2000s. Perhaps the biggest change from much of the 1990s is that feminism very much became back in, with tracksuits and baggy t-shirts replaced by miniskirts in the early years.

Other things that came back into fashion in the 2000s include brown leather jackets, bold logo t-shirt, often with retro logos for products, brand names or bands, and slim fit suits. These items are all still worn by many people today.