Choosing The Right Material


Choosing cushions for your home is not the hardest part, although you might think that selecting the right color, wholesale fabric and print of the cushion cover to go with your home décor is. Well no, not always, choosing the inside of any pillow is more essential than the cushion cover. Choosing the inside of a pillow is very confusing.

There are so many wide ranges of different varieties of materials that are used for cushion inserts. It is essential to make sure what the cushion will be used for when deciding to purchase the best insert.

Even though most cushions are used for decoration purposes at home some have actually functional purposes. Below are some cushion inserts available in different materials to help you select the right insert for your home. 

 Down & feather inserts

These are the expensive inserts. They have few different selections. Down is a natural material made from feathers of ducks and geese. Pure down or feathers are not only most expensive but very luxurious insert. Since it has better quality and comfort customers are willing to pay more.

The drawback of using down and feather insert are the difficulty to clean, or wash because once wash it won’t be the same as before fluff. It also flattens and reduces volume overtime. Another drawback is people can be allergic to down too.

 Foam inserts

These are made of polyurethane foam. These are mostly popular with many households. These have different thickness and large range of cushions to choose from. The more the thickness the longer period you can use but it will not be comfortable because of the hardness. It can be easily cleaned.

 Polyester inserts

These inserts are polyester fiberfill. These inserts in the cushions are softer and supple than foam. Polyester inserts are less expensive. Also retains their shape and are easier to wash. There are many varieties in polyester inserts and some are softer than the other. Polyester inserts are non-allergic too.

Although, the above three insert material are the most common and widely used by many customers. But there are also other inserts for cushion available too. These options also can help you choose insert for cushions. Some of the inserts are, foam core and polyester outings, and bamboo inserts. Foam core and polyester outing provides softness and the shape of a pillow. Bamboo inserts for cushions are less expensive than down and feather inserts. They also have a silky texture.

Once you have decided and selected the material for your insert, then you can select and shop for ideal cushion cover.