Tips On How To Choose A Colour Scheme

It’s incredible how much you could do with colour to enhance the look of a house. Even a simple yet thought out paint-scheme can seriously contribute to the look and feel of a living space, giving it some serious flair and appeal.

Determine your colour scheme from your home’s prominent patterns

There will always be a variety of patterns to choose from any given household. Take a good look at your various bohemian style clothing online and blend the walls of your home to complement or stylishly contrast with them. If you have upholstery with certain patterns, you could go for a paint scheme to match. You don’t have to replicate the exact pattern, but even incorporate the same colours from the upholstery. If you have a specific piece of artwork you’re really fond of, incorporate some of the colours within that to the paint-scheme of your wall.

Moving vertically, decorate your room from dark to light

This is an incredibly popular trick among designers to enhance the ambience of any abode. The colours should be darkest on the floors, with more medium colours on the walls, and then having light colours on the ceiling. This is made to keep one’s abode in harmony with nature since the darkest colours will be of earth. When one is looking straight, the scenery will have medium colour values, and finally (unless it’s a particularly gloomy day) the sky will be the brightest. Visit 

Don’t be afraid to bring your own identity

One of the best ways to cause an impression in terms of interior design is to decorate honestly and be true to yourself. Even if a person who decorates their house conventionally were to see your truly vibrant abode, they will appreciate it being a reflection of your personality. There are so many websites where you can buy bohemian accessories online and add some real visual appeal to your home with a series of striking accessories.

Go with the architecture

Many would choose to enhance the depth perception of small rooms by painting them white to make them seem larger and more spacious. Small rooms however, can be quite comforting, so you could use a colour scheme that is warm in order to add to its cosiness. Should you have a bigger room, maybe use a lighter scheme to further enhance its spaciousness. A great way to complement a big room would be to fill it with natural light since it will further complement the space without making it seem intimidating. When it comes to working with architectural components, complimenting can be much better than contrasting